Our seminars pave the way for your market access in healthcare.

Breaking into the German market to stay

What Medical Valley Academy offers:

Practice-oriented and effective learning

We understand the requirements of everyday working life and convey our seminar content accordingly – for maximum application success.

Up-to-date and lasting knowledge transfer

Our expertise is and remains reliably up to date and guarantees
knowledge transfer that pays off.

Flexible e-learning

Decide for yourself when and where you want to learn. With our online healthcare courses, you can work on your future regardless of time and place.

High level of expertise in healthcare

We build on many years of experience and in-depth expert knowledge transported by the concentrated competence of a unique network.

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Our seminars cover topics such:

Market Access Germany

We provide you with the know-how you need to successfully enter the German healthcare market – and to stay there in the long term. With Medical Valley Academy you can break into the German market and become successful.

Digital Health Applications (DiGA)

Understanding every aspect of digital health applications: We bring DiGA to life for you and enable effective knowledge transfer to confidently master all aspects of this topic and enable fast reimbursement.

Regulatory Affairs

A lot of useful input on the topic of Regulatory Affairs is available in our e-learning courses. We attach great importance to a clear structure and a practical approach in order to optimally prepare the content for all requirements.


Medical Valley Academy

Medical Valley Academy provides insightful and innovative knowledge transfer in healthcare and digital health.

Through intelligent e-learning courses, healthcare experts will impart not only essential basics and the latest findings from science and practice, but also valuable insights into current developments in this innovation-driven industry.

You would like to share your knowledge?

Are you interested in working with us as a “knowledge broker”? Then let’s get in touch! If you would like to contribute your expertise to the Medical Valley Academy, please send an e-mail to: laura.koehler@medical-valley-emn.de